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The DEC PDP-x FPGA Implementation Webpage

Last Updated: 2018-02-02

Latest News!

(2017-10-11) Starting to update the webpages after a decade long haitus, additionally the webpages just moved from the homedirectory at my old ISP, to a server of mine.
(2011-11-17) Links on this webpage updated.
(2006-01-22) Links on this webpage updated.
(2005-03-04) A Univerisity in Japan has done PDP-11 and VAX-11/780 implementations
(2003-01-06) There is now a webpage on both commercial and hobbyist FPGA implementations of DEC Processors

The Processor Families

  1. PDP-4
    1. David G. Conroy's FPGA Replica of the PDP-4
  2. PDP-8
    1. David G. Conroy's FPGA Replica of the PDP-8
    2. A page on Jon Andrew's FPGA implementation of the PDP-8
    3. Andrew Grillet is working on another FPGA implementation of the PDP-8, and is planning to also provide a bus of some sort so boards can be plugged in (most likely not OMNIBUS from the sounds of things). (Dead Link)
    4. Scalar FPGA PDP-8/I in Verilog Booting TSS/8
  3. PDP-10
    1. XKL, LLC's XKL-1 is built using FPGA's
    2. Neil Franklin was working on a PDP-10 Clone Microprocessor in FPGA (he stopped working on it at the end of 2003).
    3. David G. Conroy is working on a FPGA replica of the KA-10, called the PDP-10/X, it is designed to run ITS.
  4. PDP-11
    1. Mentec Inc. used FPGA's for their M1 and M11 Q-Bus processor boards. These are drop in replacements for DEC CPU Boards.
    2. Quickware QED995 (Anyone have any info on this board?) This was a drop in replacement for DEC CPU Boards.
    3. Strobe Data used FPGA's on thier Osprey Co-Processor boards (these boards fit in an ISA or PCI slot and act as a PDP-11).
    4. Tokai University has implemented a PDP-11/10 and PDP-11/40 in FPGA. It includes an EIDE disk interface, and they have run Unix V6 on it.
    5. Scalar FPGA PDP-11 in Verilog
    6. Walter F.J. Mueller "PDP-11/70-in-an-FPGA" implementation is now on OpenCores
    7. There is a sourceforge project named "PDP-11 FPGA", and I'm told all the text is in Russian.
    8. PDP2011 page
    9. wfjm's w11: PDP-11/70 CPU and SoC was last updated in June 2017, and looks to be the most active FPGA project at this time.
  5. VAX
    1. Tokai University has announced that they have a VAX-11/780 FPGA implementation. (Dead Link)
    2. RT Logic is re-implementing VAX computer systems in FPGA for Hewlett Packard. (Dead Link)


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