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The DEC Emulation Website

Last Updated: 2018-02-10

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(2018-02-01) Actively cleaning up dead links, or at least noting where there are dead links.
(2018-01-16) Added page for the PDP-6.
(2017-10-11) Starting to update the webpages after a decade long haitus, additionally the webpages just moved from the homedirectory at my old ISP, to a server of mine.
(2011-11-17) It's been way too long since these pages were updated, I'm going to try and get some basic work done on them. My apologies to those that have been sending me updates. As you might have noticed they haven't been updated. I will be attempting to find them.
(2006-01-22) Probably the most major website update in the past 2-4 years, all of the pages for PDP-1, PDP-4, PDP-7, PDP-8, PDP-9, PDP-11, PDP-15, VAX, Alpha, and FPGA's have been updated to fix broken links. All that remains to be updated are the PDP-10, and MIPS pages.
(2001-12-01) The PDP-10 Emulation page expands to be the DEC Emulation Website.


The purpose of these web pages are to aid people in finding all the bits and pieces that they'll need in order to set up the OS or Software of their choice (if possible) running under an emulator. This site started out as a page about PDP-10 emulation, which will continue to be its main focus.

Note: While the primary focus of this website is emulation of DEC Hardware, I also include any and all hardware documentation that I'm aware of.

Contacting Me

If you have any comments about this site I can be reached at healyzh AT avanthar DOT com. If you know of any software or documentation that isn't listed below I'd appreciate knowing about it so that I can provide links when appropriate.

Processor Families

CPU    Date Bits    Notes
PDP-1  1960 18-bit
PDP-2       24-bit  Never Built, No Emulator Available
PDP-3       36-bit  1 was built by a customer using the DEC Spec, No Emulator Available
PDP-4  1962 18-bit
PDP-5  1963 12-bit  No Emulator Available
PDP-6  1964 36-bit
PDP-7  1965 18-bit
PDP-8  1965 12-bit
PDP-9  1966 18-bit
PDP-10 1967 36-bit
PDP-11 1970 16-bit
PDP-12 1969 12-bit  No Emulator Available
PDP-14              No Emulator Available
PDP-15      18-bit
PDP-16              No Emulator Available
VAX    1977 32-bit
MIPS        32-bit  CPU Simulators only
Alpha       64-bit  CPU Simulators only

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