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The DEC PDP-x FPGA Implementation Webpage

Last Updated: 2023-02-19

Latest News!

(2023-02-19) Added entry for CPU11, which emulates Soviet PDP-11 clone processors.
(2021-06-26) Added entry for PDP-11 in Verilog, and updated a couple links.
(2017-10-11) Starting to update the webpages after a decade long haitus, additionally the webpages just moved from the homedirectory at my old ISP, to a server of mine.
(2011-11-17) Links on this webpage updated.
(2006-01-22) Links on this webpage updated.
(2005-03-04) A Univerisity in Japan has done PDP-11 and VAX-11/780 implementations
(2003-01-06) There is now a webpage on both commercial and hobbyist FPGA implementations of DEC Processors

The Processor Families

  1. PDP-4
    1. David G. Conroy's FPGA Replica of the PDP-4
  2. PDP-8
    1. David G. Conroy's FPGA Replica of the PDP-8
    2. A page on Jon Andrew's FPGA implementation of the PDP-8
    3. Andrew Grillet is working on another FPGA implementation of the PDP-8, and is planning to also provide a bus of some sort so boards can be plugged in (most likely not OMNIBUS from the sounds of things). (Dead Link)
    4. Scalar FPGA PDP-8/I in Verilog Booting TSS/8
  3. PDP-10
    1. XKL, LLC's XKL-1 is built using FPGA's
    2. Neil Franklin was working on a PDP-10 Clone Microprocessor in FPGA (he stopped working on it at the end of 2003).
    3. David G. Conroy is working on a FPGA replica of the KA-10, called the PDP-10/X, it is designed to run ITS.
  4. PDP-11
    1. Mentec Inc. used FPGA's for their M1 and M11 Q-Bus processor boards. These are drop in replacements for DEC CPU Boards.
    2. Quickware QED995 (Anyone have any info on this board?) This was a drop in replacement for DEC CPU Boards.
    3. Strobe Data used FPGA's on thier Osprey Co-Processor boards (these boards fit in an ISA or PCI slot and act as a PDP-11).
    4. Tokai University has implemented a PDP-11/10 and PDP-11/40 in FPGA. It includes an EIDE disk interface, and they have run Unix V6 on it.
    5. Scalar FPGA PDP-11 in Verilog
    6. Walter F.J. Mueller "PDP-11/70-in-an-FPGA" implementation is now on OpenCores
    7. There is a sourceforge project named "PDP-11 FPGA", and I'm told all the text is in Russian.
    8. PDP2011 page
    9. wfjm's w11: PDP-11/70 CPU and SoC was last updated in June 2017, and looks to be the most active FPGA project at this time.
    10. Scalar FPGA PDP-11 in Verilog
    11. CPU11 is an interesting looking project out of Kyiv, around the Soviet PDP-11 Clones.
  5. VAX
    1. Tokai University has announced that they have a VAX-11/780 FPGA implementation. (Dead Link)
    2. RT Logic is re-implementing VAX computer systems in FPGA for Hewlett Packard. (Dead Link)


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