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Ever wonder exactly what is available for the Empire of the Petal Throne? Between a couple of old lists I found in an old mailing list archive from several years ago, and the new material I'm aware of I was able to put together this List of EPT Material. (Note, this list is garbage compared to Bruce Roberts list.)

Macintosh Software

(25JAN97) I am proud to announce MacKévuk 1.0, a brand new game for the Macintosh. It is the result of several months of work, primarily by myself, and Professor Barker. It is the first program available from Avanthár Software, and is being released as shareware.

There is only one other piece of Empire of the Petal Throne software that I am aware of. That is the Gardasiyal Character Generator and I am its author also. It is currently under development, but it has reached the point that it will do just about everything. There is only one problem with both of these programs, if you own a PC, you need to first go out and buy a Macintosh! As both are only available for the Macintosh.

For those that wish the User Manual that is contained with the Gardasiyal Character Generator is available separately.

The Character Generator can be run using ShapeShifter on an Amiga Computer.

It is freeware, but I would appreciate any comments about it. What you like, what you don't like. I can be reached via e-mail.

The Tsolyáni Empire and surrounding lands
A pair of Female Pé Chói in the Hills near Chéne Ho


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Joe Saul

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