PDP-10 Emulators

Last Updated: 23NOV01

This page attempts to show the differences between the various functional PDP-10 emulators.






 CPU  KS10 KS10 KS10  KL10B KS10?
Memory  512KW 512KW 512KW  4MW  ?
 Microcode  ?  ? ITS v.262, DEC v.130   v.442  ?
 OS Support TOPS-10 7.03, TOPS- 10 7.04 TOPS-10 7.03, TOPS- 10 7.04, TOPS-20 4.1, ITS TOPS-10 7.04, TOPS-20 4.1, ITS  TOPS-10 7.04, TOPS-20 7.0  TOPS-20
 Drives  ? RP04, RP05, RP06, RP07, RM03, RM05, RM80  RP06, RP07  RP06, RP07  RP06, RP07
 Tape  ?  TU45  TU45, TU77 TU45, TU77 TU45
 Terminals DZ11 DZ11  not supported  not supported  ?
 Printer  ? LP20  not supported  not supported  ?
 Network not supported not supported  IMP interface (ITS only)  NI20  ?